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Silent Spike Snow Tire Chain 2018

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Silent Spike Snow Tire Chain 2018

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 Model Number


 Brand Name

Silent Spike

2018 Silent Spike snow chain

We would like to emphasize that our products are 100% made in Korea and the latest version in 2018 is the final version which corrects all existing problems through the modification of molds.
Here are "5S" features of 2018 Silent Spike snow chains.
- Super Strong Grip Force to the road : Minimize vibration and noise
- Super Light weight : Consists of a single chain of belt type Weight of product is 123g Light weight
- Super Economical use : With independent belt fastening structure, you can discard only the damaged parts and purchase the separate pads efficiently 
- Super Easy to use : Designed to be easily fastened to anyone by adopting belt system
- Super Safe 100% Urethane : Soft but Durable, Ultra Quiet Operation

For your reference, pls see attached images.

When you need further information, pls feel free to contact with us, we will help you to do for your business.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Please find more information as following video ;



8 pcs per box

  Package Weight

123   Grams

  Delivery lead time

1~2 weeks

  Supply ability

50,000 pcs per Month

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